Notice of Closure on 31st October 2018

photo0378 For the past three years I have been unable to make a living as a Herbalist, which has now forced me to close.

I deeply regret to have to do this, but circumstances have left me no other option.

 With my very best wishes,

                                   Karin Vinju

I first met Gerald Green in 1997. He was an absolute maverick at finding ways to help those who cannot be helped by orthodox medicine with herbal capsules and diet and had an almost uncanny way of being able to see through to the basis of any health problem. He took on the world’s worst diseases, but unlike the conventional approach, he didn’t see the point in just treating symptoms. His main goal was always to find and treat the basis of the disease, so that the patient would be able to gain remission and eventually be able to live a near normal life again. This unorthodox approach transformed many patients’ lives, giving them back their health and wellbeing.  (Gerald’s book: ‘Breaking Through the Untouchable Diseases’ is available from Amazon and other outlets)

Once fully trained and qualified, I worked alongside him for 10 years, so Gerald was content to pass his life’s work of treating the ‘Untouchable Diseases’ over to me before he passed away, aged 81, in January of 2012. He was a great man, a master in the field of herbal medicine, and a wonderful friend and teacher who is sadly missed.

Since Gerald’s passing, I have carried on his work according to his wishes, and intend to follow in his footsteps in the way of compassion, innovation and dedication to finding new ways to treat and help those still suffering from the world’s worst diseases.

By combining my own experience and abilities with herbal treatment, I can now offer an even more complete, Holistic Health package. To treat a patient holistically, is to not only treat a person’s physical body, but their state of mind and spirit as well. This combination goes even deeper to find the possible causes of disease and aims to help release the negative energies that accumulate in the psyche over a lifetime, in an attempt to bring the whole person back into a much needed balance. This allows for an even greater transformation in the life of the patient/client, opening the doors fully to health, happiness and wellbeing. You will find more information on this under the headings Holistic Healing and Meditation for Health.

Karin Vinju